• James


    James was but six months old during his first foray to the Zambezi. It was to be the beginning of a long and passionate union which persists to this day. James will tell you of a magic that pervades on the Zambezi, the like of which he has been unable to find in other celebrated places on the globe. Imagine the capture of a creature as unique as a tigerfish, witnessed by a passing herd of elephants and accompanied by a lion’s roar in the distance. It seems unbelievable, but there are certain days on which it is a reality, and a step into the freedoms of a bygone era. Naturally, James would love for you to experience it yourself, through a guided safari with Diwa Zambezi.

  • Sammy

    Creative Director

    Sammy was born in Tamworth and spent her early life gracing the countryside of Quirindi in New South Wales. A family move to the Sunshine Coast facilitated her meeting James, and the rest is history. Multiple trips to the Zambezi over the years have forged an enduring bond between Sammy, the Great River, and all of its wildlife. Such is that bond that Sammy feels compelled to share it with Australians and New Zealanders, who in turn she hopes will contribute toward its preservation. In her capacity as Creative Director, Sammy is responsible for all that is the Diwa Zambezi brand and she will ensure that you remain informed via updates to the website and social media.

  • Nick

    Relationship Manager & Guide

    Once a bushman, always a bushman. Nick’s moments of rapture seem to be reserved exclusively for the wilderness. Like James, he has a lengthy and celebrated history with the Zambezi Valley and his knowledge of its flora and fauna never ceases to astound. A guided tour in the company of Nick will live long in anyone’s memory owing to his passion and pleasantry. Out of season, Nick is responsible for the management of our key relationships.

  • Joe

    Events Director

    Dedicated to the natural and cultural heritage of his motherland, Joe is unyielding in his support of sustainable development in Zimbabwe. When this is coupled with his role as Events Director, Joe is in a unique position to be able to provide both current and prospective donors with relevant and up-to-date information regarding the operations and impact of Diwa Zambezi on the ground.

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