Running through six countries and the hearts of millions, the Zambezi River is the lifeblood of southern Africa. It is one of the largest rivers in the world by discharge and one of the few that have managed to retain their natural grandeur. You can’t help but be arrested by the serenity that descends upon you during days spent on this remarkable river, or in the wilderness areas that flank it. From the Victoria Falls to the national parks of the Middle Zambezi, unique experiences abound, sights astound and emotions are always profound. As one of the world's last great ecosystems, we feel duty bound to not only protect it, but to share it with others.

Unfortunately much of the magnificence of the Zambezi is under constant threat. Be it poaching, ill-considered mining bids, irresponsible development practices or simple wildlife mismanagement, the threats are persistent and disconcerting. In fact, wildlife numbers continue to decline in both Zambia and Zimbabwe at a rapid rate and a concerted and well directed effort to stem the tide is required. Ultimately if this battle to preserve Africa's wildlife is to be won, people the world over need to be made aware of what is at stake, and how to assist. We hope to have assisted in this regard by providing you with video and photo galleries to illustrate what it is we are working to conserve and protect, an 'Our Work' page to highlight how we do it, and numerous options for becoming an active participant in African wildlife conservation. Come on safari with us, fundraise for us, or just love the Zambezi with us! Get involved!

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