Many powerful and awe-inspiring words have been used to describe the African safari experience. To be honest though, none of them can do justice to the possibilities of a trip to the mother continent. From the natural wonder of the Victoria Falls to the unspoiled national parks of the Middle and Lower Zambezi, there truly is something for everyone. Be it bungee jumping or bushwalks, white water rafting or tiger fishing, there is much promise for this trip to be one of your life’s great accomplishments.

The simplest way to get an idea of what you are after is to visit the sample itinerary tabs above being Eagle's Play, Diwa Days and The Water's Edge. Or you can simply visit the Diwa Zambezi Safaris website which provides options across all of Southern Africa. Each has a different focus but importantly they are all heavily customisable. Each itinerary has a video accompanying the description which we hope will convey to you some of what there is to experience in each location. For a lay of the land, visit the Water's Edge itinerary whereby you'll be able to garner an appreciation of where exactly our tours visit, and how you can combine them if you so choose. Our key message to you is that you can tailor your trip to your exact wishes once you have an idea of what's on offer, and based on your discussions with us. You can do this by selecting some of the options below and completing the enquiry form. Get excited!

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