The Rehabilitation of the Kariba Dam Wall (07.01.2016)

An outline of the issues concerning the structural integrity of the Kariba Dam Wall and the plans for rehabilitation. Long live Kariba and the Zambezi!

Splendour in the Chewore (22.06.2015)

A magnificent article about one of our luxury partner lodges on the banks of the Zambezi. Thinking about an African safari? You should visit!

Diwa Zambezi Seeks to Give Africa's Wildlife a Voice (28.03.2015)

This month saw the launch of Diwa Zambezi’s inaugural fundraising campaign. Proceeds from the campaign are to be used for initial contributions to implementing partners in Zambia and Zimbabwe and for costs of establishment.

Glenn McGrath and the Diwa Zambezi View (27.02.2015)

The Diwa Zambezi view on Glenn McGrath's hunting safaris to Africa in 2008. See what we have to say with regard to the hunting vs photographic safari debate. Either way, the survival of African habitats and species is dependent on the curiosity of outsiders of all persuasions. Visit the Zambezi! Visit Africa!

Circle Hooks as a Conservation Tool (19.12.2014)

If you're interested in the long-term survival of the tigerfish as a species so that your children will have the privilege of catching one, then this article is for you. Come to Africa with us, and we'll take you to the holy-grail of tigerfishing destinations; the Zambezi!

Conserving Our Tigerfish in the Zambezi (19.12.2014)

I have seen the Lower Zambezi on both sides of the divide, that being before and after the birth of all the luxury fishing lodges on both the Zimbabwean bank and the Zambian bank. Take a moment to read this and consider whether you're doing your bit to preserve what we think is the greatest freshwater spectacle of all; the tigerfish of the Zambezi!
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