So often in Africa finance does the talking and so often charitable organisations lack just that, finance. It is an issue we at Diwa Zambezi have pondered deeply and it is the reason our charity has commercial arms. We are aware that we need to build interest, relatedness, and then affinity, between the people of the world, and the Great River. Owing to the pre-existing relationships Diwa Zambezi has on the ground in Zimbabwe and Zambia, we can provide you with a unique opportunity. That is the opportunity to visit one of the world’s last great ecosystems on a guided safari, for an affordable price, and in the knowledge that our profits are used to preserve the beauty and majesty of the area you have just visited. We are confident that your first impressions of our bit of Africa will be powerful and we would only be too happy to oblige a return visit. Along the way you shall learn of Africa’s challenges and of the effects poverty has had, and continues to have, on Africa’s people and her wildlife.

Our ‘Get Involved’ summary page details all of the ways in which you can make a difference and we encourage you to sign up for our quarterly newsletter regardless of your ultimate intent.

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